The Snow Storms of Summerville, Nova Scotia

Many of my visitors to my Old car and Truck Pictures web pages have asked
me about the weather in Summerville and if we get much snow here.
Usually we don't get a lot but it has happened.
I put together some pictures of a storm that we won't forget for a long time.
Snow storms are a part of every day life when you live in this part of
the world and are taken in stride.
If you don't like snow and winter activities you either have to go south
for the winter or be very unhappy for a few months each year.
Our snow season usually starts sometime in December and ends in March.

The Avon River
Our house in Summerville Nova Scotia before the storm

Before we begin I want everyone to be assured that we have developed ways of dealing with this snow.
Snowblowers are just one of the things we use to get rid of the snow.
Sometimes the models that you can buy is the stores just don't cut it
so you have to go to something a bit more heavy duty.



Now on to the storm

We are fortunate that we have two ways out.
Up the hill or down the hill and on days like this, 
down the hill is usually the preferred way out.
This is what you can wake up to in the morning
But after some storms you just don't get out.
But that isn't the end of the world
So if that happens we just sit back and relax.
And into the night if need be
Makes things look like Christmas doesn't it
Drifting is something we get used to
The LRC looks like it's going to be here for a while
It's days like this that you're glad to have a 4x4
even if you can't use it
All shoveled out and ready to go
But where to go
Not up there for sure
To The Rescue
Our neighbors from New Brunswick sent a few
heavy duty plows down to help out
Nova Scotia was not equipped for a storm like this.
But when you finally do get out
the roads aren't plowed very wide
These is some serious drifting here
They are not as high as the look, they are higher
This drift is what kept us in for a few days

Even before the storm has stopped
Sally want to play
Buddy thinks he'll have some fun too.
!!! Hay Buddy I can't find the ball !!! Come help me
It's here some where
I knew it was there.
OK Sally that's enough of that
Now this is more like it.
It's starting to let up a bit now. We are into the second day of it.
So after the storm it's play time again
That ball is gone again
It turned out to be a real nice day
Lots of snow there
And there Total snowfall from this storm was 115 cms.
For my American friends, that a great big bunch.
Around 4 feet.
It can be so beautiful after a snow storm
The snowmobile tracks make it much easier to walk in the snow
As you see winters are not all that bad in Canada
They can be very beautiful and relaxing
Frost or 
ice on the trees has a charming effect
Does any more have to be said
So when you are faces with this you might just 
as well try to enjoy it

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