These are a set of plans that were used in the 1920's to build our
     Covered Bridges. This set is for a 60 ft. bridge.
     There were standard plans supplied to the contractors for various
     lengths of bridges.
     This enabled the Department of Public Works to maintain a standard
     for all the bridges built at that time.
     These plans were given to me by Ron Joyce of
     The New Brunswick Department. of Transportation.

I have had a number requests for a copy of these plans and unfortunately I have none left.
Because of that I have posted a much larger and clearer scanned image of these plans.
They should be printable with any good graphics program.
To view these plans click on the link below.
If you find that you still can't get an expectable image E mail and I can send you a
much larger image.

Before you begin I want to mention that I have been told that some
of the pictures on my pages aren't loading properly.
If this should happen to you just right click on the area where
the picture is supposed to be and select "Show Picture".

I have been told by the support team of my hosting service that this problem
is a fault of MSIE and that we will have to live with it.

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Visit Lonnie Hedgepeth's 
of Rocky Mount, 
North Carolina site.
He has used the plans provided on my webpage and is building a 
Covered Bridge
for his live steam train.

Many new pictures have been added  included pictures
of his Live Steam Engine

Julie and her father Gary built a model bridge using the plans on this site for a school project.
Covered Bridge Printable Images
View the rebuilding of the 
Point Wolf Covered Bridge.
This bridge was destroyed in a construction accident and a new bridge was built
in the same location
Jerry Barnes' Garden Railway, 
Jerry is building a covered bridge for his railway using these plans
If there are any questions or comments please click here 
to E Mail me 


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                                       Side elevation     Left section

                      Side elevation   Right section


Details of Cornice Connection


                         Plan of the Floor Section


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